Our Process

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Global Recruiters of Concord uses a repeatable process to produce quality predictable results for clients. Our process enables us to produce quality matches against a client's criteria and has enabled us to produce consistent successful results since 2005. We do not have a secret tool or software program and there is no short cut.

We do the hard work necessary to produce results making thousands of connections with contacts through email, phone and video conference calls in order to find the right person for our client's needs. We work to add value to our client's companies and work to build a relationship with them and have been so successful that over 70% of our placements each year are with repeat clients.

Review the foundational steps of our process which enables us to produce impactful results.

Step 1: Client and Position Assessment

Step 2: Research and Suspect List Development

Step 3: Call, Email, Video Conference

Step 4: Candidate Development and Qualification

Step 5: Interview Process Support

Step 6: Offer Negotiations and Resignation Support

Our process will reduce your cost per hire for any position by presenting you with 3 to 5 finalist often within weeks of our search beginning. You can dramatically improve your time to fill an open position reducing the time a position is open.